Painting Gallery


To get a quote, write to us at contact@palettedish.com

The capacity to be creative is one of the most important characteristics that human beings possess. At Palettedish, we aspire to quench your creative thirst through our artistic expressions. We are ready with a palette to fill your home and/or workspace with our vibrant creations carrying beautiful energy. 

Palettedish offers a unique service to art lovers to get their customized portraits/sketches made via photo reference, which could be sent to us through email. Often people want to have a particular kind of a painting, which either they can't easily find or is exorbitantly priced. At Palettedish, we offer customized recreations of such paintings at affordable prices. We also offer great deals for customized corporate gifting. For inquiries, please connect with us at contact@palettedish.com

We are committed to delivering great quality work with utmost professionalism to the satisfaction of art lovers.

Geetika Sharma